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  1. CodeName420

    Report: tw1tch

    Player has been notified and has 48 hours to respond.
  2. Has a member of the staff abused their position? Have they acted unprofessional in a situation? You are allowed to create a staff report in such situations. Staff reports must be sent to either me (CodeName420) or CroatiaGM because staff reports must be kept private, otherwise a staff member could abuse their position in order to leak your IP address, ISP, and similar information (we can assure you that the staff team does not have access to your password or real life location, so your personal data cannot be leaked). The message subject should be Your in-game name [Staff member's name] (e.g. CodeName420 [CroatiaGM]) . Then, fill out this format and send it to the staff members mentioned above. Your in-game name: Staff member you're reporting: Reason for report: Explanation of what happened: Evidence: Additional comments: In case you attempt to make a public staff report, it'll be deleted and you will receive a forum warn, so do not try to be a smartass. Thank you.
  3. Please make sure that you have proper evidence in your player report. For example, has a player insulted you in-game? A screenshot where they do so will be enough. A player rammed you with their vehicle? A screenshot will not be considered enough evidence. You should provide a video in such situations. Chat logs will NOT be considered proper evidence in any situation because they can easily be forged.
  4. Just a few quick notes: Do not PM an administrator about your ban appeal unless at least 72 hours have passed and you haven't gotten a response. If an administrator asks you to provide a screenshot of your game files, your IP address and something similar, you are obliged to provide them that evidence/information. An administrator will NEVER ask for your password. In case someone does that, REPORT them immediately. If an administrator told you to re-appeal in a month, you can re-appeal in a month. Do not attempt to open another ban appeal in order to discuss it with the administrator. You can PM the administrator if you want them to elaborate why they made their decisions. If you do not know English very well, and you are from Turkey, you are allowed to request a translator to assist you in the ban appeal. We'd greatly appreciate if you do so because it'll make it easier for both you and us to handle your appeal. Give a brief but detailed explanation of what happened in your ban appeal in order to get a faster and better response.
  5. јеби се, иначе ћу ти одсјећи курац