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    Report: tw1tch

    Yes I do. I was just upset because I like this server and so much wanted to try new map pirate ship, this was my first try and this happened.
  2. Hype

    Report: tw1tch

    What you haven't done? There are logs that you punched me and it wasn't your missclick. It's impossible, I didn't do anything to you, you come tome - not me to to you. There are logs of everything, btw. your behavior "sorry I didn't want to do that :c" were not "sorry" but sort of evil: I punched you down and so sorry you will not play :c Know what I mean?
  3. Hype

    Report: tw1tch

    Sure you were going to give me tokens - I think instead you said "Karma" for some reasons, then I told you I reported you but you were trying provoking me by saying sending me provoking messages and emotes. Administrator will judge that by checking logs from that day.
  4. Hype

    Report: tw1tch

    Ingame name: Hype Player You are reporting: tw1tch Reason: Griefing during event EVidence: https://imgur.com/a/goKUe7w + logs Additional Commants: Provoking behavior after player pushed me off ship